Energy plants from industrial processes production residues

Eureka esco optimizes the use of the energy sources necessary for auxiliary needs, thanks to the recovery of manufacturing waste.

The cogeneration Rankine cycle, known as turbo generators ORC (Organic ranking cycle), are particularly efficient machines. They have around 18% of electrical efficiency and thermal around 80%, with an overall efficiency around 100% and low maintenance They are the ideal solution for producing heat and electricity in small and medium sized plants fueled by biomasses. The heat needed to fuel the diathermic oil circuit, which is the basis of the turbo generator function , is usually provided with wood biomass, specifically wood chips burnt in big boilers. 

The cogeneration plants, thanks to the association between thermal energy and electricity allows you to get increased energy efficiency and to produced together both heat and electricity or heat, electricity and cold using the waste heat that can be recovered from the exhaust emissions and from the cooling circuits that otherwise would be dispersed. Therefore these plants allow you to “recover” dispersed energy, producing more energy. By doing so, customers can profit from important energy savings which lead to have less costs and a better environmental quality.
Other economic advantages can be obtained in case of a production excess: electricity can be sold on the national network at a profitable price for the customer.

Wood chips can be produced from manufacturing waste from agricultural works or dedicated cultivations (Short rotation). Wood chips are used both for domestic electricity generation in biomasses centrals for heath production or in a combined way in cogeneration plants . It can fuel both small size plants (Few kW) and big plants up to several MW.