Obtaining Energy Saving Certificates and White Certificates on plants, even those already built

Eureka Esco offers a technical and fiscal consultation service for benefiting of the Energy Saving Certificates, or white certificates, even on already completed installations.


  • White certificates, also known as energy saving certificates are negotiable titles which certify the achievement of energy saving in the final usage of energy through interventions and projects aimed at increasing energy efficiency.
  • The white certificates system was introduced in the Italian legal framework from the 20th July 2004 Ministerial decree and further amendments and requires that energy andnatural gas distributors annually reach set aims of energy savings, calculated in Tons of Petroleum (TEP).
  • One certificate is equivalent to saving one ton of petroleum.
  • Companies which distribute electricity and gas can fulfill their obligations by realizing energy efficiency projects and therefore becoming eligible for White Certificates or buying the energy saving certificates on the titles market organized by the Manager of energy management.