Energy requalification of buildings

Eureka Esco offers energy requalification interventions in the construction field, this allows you to reduce the energy need for heating during winter or air conditioning during Summer, comfort increase and optimization of energy consumption.


The most appropriate energy improvement intervention is the insulation of the building shell with the system of external isolation which consists in using a mineral, plastic or vegetal fiber which, in addition to an excellent thermal result, can also have outstanding acoustical results.


LED technology (light emitting diode) is a diode able to emit light from the passage of electricity through a silicon junction, adequately treated. LED can have continuous emission, therefore emitting constant light or intermittent which emit light at a set time.
LED used for lighting have a good coverage of the entire visible light spectrum.
Main characteristics of the LED lighting systems:
  • Lower energy consumption. (Lighting efficiency between 100 and 130 lumen/watt)
  • Safety, thanks to really low tension (normally between 3 and 24 VDC);
  • Longer lifetime (50 000 to 100 000 hours for high quality LEDs)
  • No maintenance costs (Indirect savings)
  • Small size and light weight
  • High lighting efficiency compared to incandescent and halogen lamps
  • Light emitted has no infrared or UV
  • Low environmental impact (No Mercury).
  • Wider range of functioning temperature (da -40C a + 90°C)
  • Resistance to vibration and shocks (solid state device with no filament)